Quality and Environmental Policy

Right from its origins until the present day, the Management of AGS Diffusion SL has always been committed to innovation and to reinventing itself, driven by one cause…
Obtaining Excellence in every project we carry out!

At AGS Diffusion SL we ensure continuous improvement in our processes and in our relationships with interested parties, providing all the necessary resources to continue being a company of reference in the industrial engraving sector.

Our customers’ satisfaction and our respect for and compliance with the current environmental legislation and regulations are fundamental pillars of our business.

The Management of AGS Diffusion SL is committed to establishing and complying with an Integrated Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards and all the requirements applicable to our company.

The commitment of this Integrated Management System is to guarantee and provide to our clients the highest quality of performance and service to obtain their full satisfaction.

Being committed to and concerned with the protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution, we evaluate the environmental impact of our activity, striving to reduce it. We foster and convey to both the employees of AGS Diffusion SL and our collaborators the principles of good waste management, minimisation and recycling and the efficient use of natural resources, raw materials and energy.

We seek to reduce the use of raw materials to a minimum, optimising our processes in each of our machines and reducing the use of oils and their filters.

We recycle all excess materials and research and work on processes in which raw materials are reduced to a minimum, without neglecting the quality of our engravings, by means of a constant process of studying and developing new machines and processes alongside our suppliers.

To this corporate commitment we add the drive to attain the highest possible level of occupational health and safety, complying with the current legislation on this matter and taking as our basis the principle of continuous improvement in preventive actions.

We are well aware of the changing circumstances occurring in our sector and of the need to improve by achieving objectives, and consequently we undertake periodically to mark out goals in order for the company to advance with the efficiency and agility demanded of us by our sphere of activity.

This company policy will be established at all the levels and in all the sections and departments of the Company. In order to fulfil our aims, it is necessary – and this is clearly understood by our Management – to reach a commitment and total collaboration between all the sections and with all the personnel who make up AGS Diffusion SL, facilitating communication and involvement and conveying our incessant drive for competitiveness, both internally and externally.

Mr. Joan Aguilar Destart
Vilamalla, 16 March 2021